Oh, me?

What's new with me


It has been a little over a year since I started at iHeartRadio, and there is a slew of apps to show for it. iPhone, Android, iPad, Google TV, Windows Phone and more! See what I've been up to here.

The redesign of is finally live! If you're familiar with the old site, then you'll notice an increased focus on pictures, new typography and more negative space. It's a visual feast. Check out the live site or see it in my portfolio.


Thinking about rhymes and CMYK on the train like I always (never) do, the idea of CMYK cake hit me. For the first time ever, I set out to make a four-layer cake: specifically, CMYcaKe. For the sake of my baking pride, no pictures will be shown. That said, the final, refined version will be coming soon, and this time, the layers will be more than precariously stacked domes.

Drink & Draw

My new favorite weekly activity, which I learned about as a friend-of-a-friend's-friend type of rumor, is Drink & Draw at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn. Having been out of art school for some time, and not exactly being persuasive enough to convince strangers to let me draw them in the nude, D&D provides more than two hours of nude figure drawing plus free drinks. Entry is $15, or $10 if you bring a friend. To any artists in the NYC area, I'd highly suggest it: not only to sharpen your skills, but also to meet other artists from around the city. Check out their official website for more info.